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Our latest VRESH range is designed to be a Capsule Collection. But what is a Capsule Collection? Glad you asked! Have you ever thought, “I have nothing to wear!” Your closet bursting at the seams but finding the right outfit seems impossible. This is where a Capsule Wardrobe comes in to save the day.

A Capsule Wardrobe is the epitome of less is more! It’s a collection of selected essential, versatile clothing that enables you to put together more outfits with fewer items. The point is to have more “timeless” pieces that won’t go out of fashion which you can wear for longer. Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring though, your core capsule wardrobe can be matched with trendier, seasonal items for a stylish, current look!

The benefits of a capsule wardrobe go beyond just being able to mix-and-match outfits…


TIME SAVER - Deciding what to wear becomes a much quicker process.

MONEY SAVER - You don’t need to replace out-of-style or low quality items, so you shop less and make fewer impulse purchases.

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Your clothes need to last, so buying better quality is a must. This also reduces your clothing waste! You can make more conscious decisions and shop from sustainable brands.

REDUCES CLUTTER - Your closest will have more space so you can be more organised.

IMPROVES YOUR MOOD - Your capsule items should be things that you love to wear. Putting them on should bring a smile to your face!


QUALITY - Your clothing needs to last and be comfortable for long periods of time.

SIMPLICITY - Your core pieces should be able to withstand trends and not go out of fashion. A classic white tee will always be a wardrobe staple, for example, and so will a good pair of jeans. 

VERSATILITY - It’s essential to be able to mix-and-match your pieces for different outfits. You should be able to wear things casually and then dress them up for more formal occasions too!

With all these things in mind, we’ve made it even easier for you to redesign your wardrobe and get the most out of your clothing. At Vresh, we make sure our clothes won’t ever go ‘out of fashion’ so that you can get the most use out of each and every item. We believe in producing clothing that lasts and our designs are simple, versatile and durable. 
 Visit our online shop and mix-and-match your own Capsule Wardrobe with our carefully curated pieces of clothing! 
 If you need some inspiration, we’ve curated a few MEN’S and WOMEN’S Capsule Wardrobe outfit ideas on our blog. 


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