Vresh Team

Let’s take it back to 2012 when Klaus founded Vresh in Eferding, Upper Austria. With more than 5 years in the textile industry and a vision for creating his own fair-produced board sports label, he started designing t-shirts and hoodies for the local skating and wake-boarding community and later grew the brand to include our much-loved Vresh jeans, caps, jackets etc. By now, Vresh has evolved into a lifestyle brand for creatives, entrepreneurs and the environmentally-conscious as it has paved its way in the slow fashion industry. 

As CEO, Klaus is the most hard-working person we know; he has worked too many late nights and weekends to count, he oversees the day-to-day running of both Vresh and Das Merch, AND regularly travels to Portugal to visit producers & suppliers onsite so that he can be as involved in the production process as possible. He values the importance of meeting people face-to-face, no matter how small their role in our production might be. 
We value people and the planet, always.
Michi is the co-founder of Vresh. After joining Vresh and Das Merch in 2017, she has become the powerhouse behind our design, marketing and product development. With a passion for music and travel, she heads up our monthly Vresh playlist and helps build a community of like-minded individuals who value quality, creativity and sustainability. Michi oversees everything that goes on at our HQ, from storage and store display, to packaging orders and personally sewing special details onto our clothing!
And last but not least we warmly welcome: Hanna. She is part of our team since 2019, when she made her internship at Vresh after graduating from school. Then at the beginning of 2020 she made her dream come true and started her stay abroad in Canada. She is not only back in town, she also became a part of the Vresh team again! Hanna's responsibilities are order packaging, customer communication and social media!


Every month Michi publishes a new Playlist with a focus on Austrian Artists. Listen to this playlist here.