The V is for Value and this is where our journey starts. Vresh is a brand for real people. We want to do things we like and also do something good, for people and the planet.
Since 2014 every single piece was produced under fair conditions and in 2016 we even decided to only produce in the European Union. But we are not done yet, on the contrary, this is only the beginning.

The North of Portugal is famous for its high-quality fashion productions. So we decided to build a network there, where we only work with family-owned enterprises. From yarn to sewing to the finished product, every single process takes places within 50km. What is more, we pay extra a minimum of 20% to the usual price to support these local enterprises. 
If you want to find our more about our production click here.

Our fabrics are locally produced in Portugal with Nuno who is also an expert in recycling fabrics. All our production waste is collected and recycled, but that's not enough for us. 
In 2019  we developed together with Nuno soft and long-lasting fabrics made out of 100% recycled material. This path we choose is sustainable clothing without sacrificing comfort. From now on we will start to produce all our products with organic or recycled materials. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy life and also reduce all our ecological footprint. 

Avoiding plastics is not that easy, but we do it wherever it's possible. We even try to reuse packaging materials, so please don't rate our products on our packaging. For sure every order is packed with love and by hands of ourselves in our headquarters in Linz, Upper Austria. 


There are many ideas to make our company even more sustainable and the number one on our list is to make it "CO2-Neutral". If you have any ideas how to do something good, just let us know ->