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100% Fair und Nachhaltig 💚 Made in EU



As a company, our goal is to make high quality, fair clothing accessible and affordable. With a focus on sustainability, we create wearable, stylish and durable collections using environment-friendly fabric. From the design process to production, everything takes place in the EU. We believe in transparency and we strive to share as much information as possible relating to our production processes and the daily running of our company.


We are committed to using sustainable fabrics as much as we are committed to sustainable production methods, which is why we choose recycled, upcycled and organic materials as the main components of our clothing.  


We believe in producing clothing that lasts. We design clothes that are simple, versatile and durable, making sure they won’t ever go ‘out of fashion’ so that consumers can get more use out of each item. A classic white tee will always be a wardrobe staple, and so will a good pair of denims. Our latest capsule collection was designed to be mixed-and-matched, so that a few key pieces of clothing can still provide a number of different outfit combinations.  


Our clothing is produced almost entirely by small family-owned businesses in Portugal. The only exceptions are our beanies and caps, which are produced in Lodz, Poland. Over the years, we’ve built up a network of partners, producers and suppliers who we know on a first-name-basis and visit regularly onsite (and sometimes offsite, to share a beer). We pay a minimum of 20% more than standard rates to ensure that everyone is compensated fairly for their work and no children are involved in our production or manufacturing.


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