Mefjus x Vresh


This is a collaboration with our friend Martin Schober better known as Mefjus. We made this collection together because we are tired of bad quality merchandise and we really want to bring something special to you. This process took some months to grow and now we are very happy to present to you the official MEFJUS x VRESH collection, which is a result of our ideas on how to create clothing. 




The most important thing about this collection is the material. We have developed a 50% cotton 50% polyester fiber which is very soft, longlasting and also breathable. Martin told us he really liked the idea, but he wanted something different. Due to his passion for skateboarding the clothes should be built to last. So we decided to make a new mixture of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. 




This collection is all about simplicity. The logo placement is reduced and only simple colors are taken. Focused only on things that really matter: high-quality materials and straight design. This is just real, this is Mefjus, this is Vresh. 



But we have even more details to talk about:

Martin wanted extra comfortable clothes so we increased the length of the t-shirts and we used a very soft and light material for our hoodie. The fabric we used is called "ponto italiano" without fleece, the result is a very breathable and light-weight hoodie. Enough words, time for action. Enjoy.



So you want to know more about Mefjus? Wise move. Let’s talk…

Based out of Linz, north Austria, Martin Schober is a singular protagonist at the forefront of this beguiling game we call drum & bass. 

Released April 2018, ‘Manifest’ is the sound of Mefjus 2.0. After several years in the studio wilderness, exploring the dark science of song structure, musicality and textural contrasts, ‘Manifest’ captures a new mindset for Mefjus. Raw, energetic, playful and subversive, ‘Manifest’ is the most personal, diverse and daring body of work to date. Not so much as reminder of why he occupies such a unique position in drum & bass but a straight-up statement of intent.
So now you know. And knowledge is power. Thanks for reading.