Our story begins a few years ago in a small town in Upper Austria, with a teenager named Klaus, who spent his time in his brother's skate shop collecting his first sales experience there. From this he developed an idea: to be his own boss.

The boy, who became a man, opened a second independent skate shop, but soon realized that the business world is not just made up of happy sunset skate sessions, but above all tough business: small shops have to pre-order large quantities from the established brands and For many products, neither the price-performance ratio nor the production conditions are right.

A tremendous dose of idealism in the head and still the hard-nosed will to stand on their own two legs, turned the previous career in 2012 once again on the head: With a young partner called Philipp we founded VRESH, our very own label. If we think back to it today, then it was all a bit disorganized: One evening we made the first logo in the printing of Philipps father, within a short time we brought the first collection in the two skate shops, which were still operated by Klaus , Simply the first year was certainly not. But the fact that we can tell our story in November 2016 proves once again that we made the right decision.



VRESH is therefore something special for us because it grew with us. Had we not had the courage then, and tinkered the first logo, the guys from ZUNDER would never have been able to perform a rebrush in September 2014. If we had never dared to jump into the cold water, we probably never would have learned how to swim.

Much has changed in the last four years. Klaus has grown a bit bigger (but not too big), Philipp has dropped out (at this point: Thanks for everything!) And a new face has been added: Kevin Blaschek. We are now both managing directors of our own limited liability company and complement each other perfectly: Klaus knows exactly where to go and Kevin already has the right outfit to go with it.

Today, VRESH is the first brand in the boardsports sector that is 100% committed to fair production in Europe. This phrase also sounds pretty good to us when we write it down. Four years after its founding, our idealism is still there, every day we go to the office to offer the highest quality products at fair prices. We work without sales agents or distributors, we all know our dealers personally. The focus is still on direct sales through our online shop, but maybe you've seen us on a pop-up store before.



You see, VRESH is a big family. If consistency was not such a bulky word, we would be happy to print on our shirts. Not only we should benefit from our products, but all those involved: The manufacturers get paid fair wages, the dealers are supplied directly by us, our customers get the highest quality at a low price and the environment is supported by longevity and sustainable production. From fabric to finished product: VRESH is 100% manufactured in the EU. We know all our producers personally because we only work with small companies that support our philosophy.



We're still going and do not want to stop. In April 2016 we founded the VRESH GmbH, together with strong supporters we are still fully on course to make fair production conditions the standard.

VRESH is the dream of independence, the will to change something, the desire for something new. VRESH is a movement, a group of friends, a crew, the first known kickflip, the cool beer after the wakeboarding on the hot summer day. VRESH is a story that has just started. And we would be glad if you became a part of her.


Thank you for everything!