Vresh and Twinster proudly present our favorite t-shirt. Guaranteed. 
This is where technology, fashion and sustainability meet. A new way to dress.


Be one of the first exclusive customers, who enjoy fashion innovation. 


+ made to your measurements
+ made with wooden fiber
+ 100% made in Portugal
+ incredible soft
+ antibacterial 
+ breathable



A new innovative fabric

This fabric is made out of wood fibers, incredible soft and feels like a second skin. 

Our new T-Shirt will keep you fresh longer because it inhibits bacterial growth. Compared to synthetic materials the growth is 100-1000 times and to cotton it is 10 times slower. Perfect for sports and traveling. 

The special nanostructure of the fibers ensures that moisture is transported quicker and absorbed 9 times more than conventional cotton. 

What is more, the production is more sustainable and consumes less water than cotton.


Delivery time & refund policy

Expected delivery will be the end of February/early March.

As we are in the project stage you will be one of the first supporters to make this innovation happens. That means that we cannot 100% guarantee that we will deliver on time.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you don't like it tell us why and we will refund you the money.